Unique Experiences

Go India Journeys invites you on unforgettable and inspiring unique travel experience journeys across the Indian Sub-Continent. We endeavour to create unique travel holidays as connoisseurs in the art of travel, taking delight in presenting destinations not just as places but as a new way of seeing things. Our expertise lies in providing those unique travel experiences beyond the reach of any other travel company. Be it journeying through the Himalayas along its mighty rivers, desert-scapes or forest heartlands; rediscover the original harmony between man and nature, explore sacred spaces to travel within, wonder at the creative genius of art and architecture, crafts and textiles, both past and contemporary. Come, enjoy first hand encounters with royalty or the peasant farmer in the village along with tasting local flavours. Look beyond the ordinary, learn and grow by experiencing the unusual, by meeting people, witness sights that continue to invoke inspiring moments. We want you to savour your unique travel experiences long after you return home. Go India Journeys endeavours to provide value to your holiday in the truest sense of the word- a lasting gift that will improve the richness of your soul.