Self Drive Holidays


Self-drive is undoubtedly one of the best ways to explore India for its picturesque ways, small temples with rich mythologies, makeshift tea stalls, quaint villages and its local cuisines. Our self drive holiday packages are wonderful way to explore this magical country where each day unfolds yet another remarkable discovery. Explore the scenic roads in rural India and discover the palaces, forts, countryside, caves and much more. India has a lot to offer, depending on your taste and interest. While one either roughs-it-out or drives leisurely at their own pace, Go India Journeys ensures that its self drive holidays offers good service-back up and replacement vehicle during the entire journey supported through our vast network of offices across India. Our vehicles are well maintained and comprehensively insured to ensure maximum comfort, safety and hassle free travel. Self-drive is an innovative concept wherein the guest can experience the pleasure of driving a sturdy car on off-the-beaten-track and still not be inconvenienced by cleaning or up-keep. Hence it is a self-drive tour with luxury. The idea is to encourage FIT travellers to come to India, and drive as they discover destinations in the country, on a fixed or tailor-made itinerary. Guests have the choice to take the car with or without a designated driver, or they may choose to drive themselves and take a chauffeur along, whose help can come handy for the maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle during the journey. Can you imagine a trip more exciting than this? This amazing journey of discovery into the heart and soul of this vast and beautiful country is perhaps one of the best ways to experience the real India - one of the most colourful and fascinating places on earth. Hit the road and come back with stories and sights to last a lifetime!

ITINERARIES - Self Drive Holiday Package

Program 1

Program 2 & 3 (in reverse order)

Program 4

Program 5 & 6 (in reverse order)

Arrive Delhi

Arrive Delhi

Arrive Delhi

Arrive Mumbai





Delhi - Mandawa

Delhi - Chandigarh

Delhi / Amritsar

Mumbai / Aurangabad

Mandawa - Bikaner

Chandigarh - Simla

Amritsar / Manali

Aurangabad / Indore

Bikaner - Jaisalmer

Simla - Manali

Manali / Simla

Indore / Udaipur



Simla / Ananda


Jaisalmer - Daspan

Manali - Jispa

Ananda (rest day)

Udaipur / Jodhpur

Daspan - Udaipur

Jispa- Sarchu

Ananda / Corbett

Jodhpur / Jaipur


Sarchu - Leh

Corbett / Agra

Jaipur / Agra

Udaipur - Pushkar


Agra / Alwar

Agra / Corbett

Pushkar - Jaipur


Alwar / Nimaj

Corbett / Ananda


Leh - Delhi (fly back)

Nimaj / Udaipur


Jaipur - Agra



Ananda / Delhi

Agra - Delhi


Udaipur / Jaipur




Jaipur / Delhi