Spiritual Journeys


Ahmedabad, Patan, Dwarka, Junagarh Gir, Somnath

Arrive in Ahmedabad and visit the Gandhi Ashram and Akshardham among other architectural marvels. Next in Gujarat tour package, visit the Sun Temple at Modhera which has been designed in such a way that the Sun's rays illuminate the sanctum at dawn. En route visit Patan that has over 100 Jain temples. Continue onto Dwarka, spend the day sightseeing visiting the famous temple of Dwarkadeesh, finish with the temple of Nageshwar Mahadev, one of the 12 jyotirlingas. Next day pay homage at the Somnath temple and learn about the history it is steeped in. The next stop is Palitana, located atop a hill that is surrounded by 900 temples each rivaling the other in beauty and magnificence. View on each temple detailed carvings, beautiful idols and images, jeweled statues and intricate toranas. Return to Ahmedabad for onward journey.

This is simply a suggested itinerary for Gujarat tour package and can easily be customized to suit your schedule, budget, and interests

ITINERARY - Gujarat Tour

Day 1. Arrive in Ahmedabad, tour city; Day 2. Excursion to early 11th century Sun Temple en route visit Jain temples with exquisitely carved wooden dome at Patan; Day 3. Drive to Dwarka, en route visit Virpur; Day 4. Full day sightseeing at the temples in Dwarka and Bet Dwarka, overnight at Junagarh; Day 5. Visit the Girnar temples and continue onward to Somnath. At Somnath, see the 165 feet high tower over the main sanctum; Day 6. Arrive at Palitana for a 3 km climb of over 3500 step from the town, visit temples; Day 7. Arrive in Ahmedabad for onward journey.

Temples & The Ganges - 06 nights/07 Days Delhi-Rishikesh-Hardwar-Delhi

In this tour you will get to visit the important temples in Delhi and more importantly this programme takes you to a spiritual journey in the holy town of Rishikesh & Hardwar. The river Ganga holds paramount importance in the life of a devout Hindu and the river flattens and opens out at Rishikesh, from here flowing into the plains. Also known as the "the world-capital of Yoga", it is also believed that meditation in Rishikesh brings one closer to the attainment of salvation, as does a dip in the holy river with its icy cold and pristine water. Haridwar, a very holy place for the Hindus, is essentially a pilgrimage town with temples, hermitages and Dharamshalas along the banks of the river Ganga. Har-ki-Pauri, the most popular bathing ghat, has a footprint of Lord Vishnu, the Hindu God of preservation, on stone.

Day 01: Arrive Delhi; Day 02 : Sightseeing tour of Old & New Delhi; Day 03 : In Delhi visit the Akshardham Temple, Lotus Temple of Bahai Faith and Iskon Temple; Day 04 : Drive to Rishikesh. Afternoon visit the Ashrams, Ghats and attend the Aarti in the evening; Day 05 : Day excursion to Hardwar, visit Shantikunj Ashram, and later attend the Aarti at the revered Ghat of Har ki Pauri; Day 06 : Drive back to Delhi; Day 07 : Leave Delhi

On the footsteps of Lord Buddha : 05 nights/06 Days Delhi-Varanasi-Bodhgaya- Rajgir-Nalanda-Patna-Vaishali-Kushinagar-Lumbini-Kapilvastu-Sravasti-

This tour promises to offer an enchanting experience which brings the followers of Buddhism and also the normal tourists near to the truths of life. The programme takes you to the journey of most famous Buddhist circuit of India wherein the destinations covered are the places associated with the several events of life of Lord Buddha from his birth till his Mahaparinirvan (demise).

Day 01: Arrive Delhi; Day 02 : Sightseeing tour of Old & New Delhi; Day 03 : Fly to Varanasi. Afternoon visit Sarnath where Lord Buddha gave his first sermon; Day 04 : Morning take a boat ride on river Ganges followed by the visit to the revered Kashi Vishwanath Temple; Day 05 : Drive to Bodhgaya where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. In the afternoon visit the Mahabodhi temple, Bodhi Tree and the reat Buddha Statue; Day 06 : Drive to Patna visiting Rajgir and Nalanda enroute; Day 07 : Drive to Kushinagar visiting Vaisali enroute. Afternoon visit Mahaparinirwan Temple where Lord Buddha took his last breath and Rambhar Stupa – The cremation site of Lord Buddha; Day 08 : Drive to Lumbini in Nepal to visit the birth place of Lord Buddha; Day 09 : Morning visit Kapilvastu and continue to Sravasti Day 10 : Drive to Lucknow airport to board flight for Delhi; Day 11 : Leave Delhi

Pilgrimage deep in the Himalayas - Char Dham Yatra (16 Nighs/17 Days Delhi-Hardwar-Rishikesh-Gangotri-Yamunotri-Kedarnath-Badrinarth-Delhi):

Not for those looking for comfort and luxury this Char Dham Yatra is a pilgrimage tour to the four holy destinations in the Himalayas that include Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamnotri. It is considered as one of the most sacred tour in India and attracts hoard of pilgrims to the heavenly Himalayan range every year from April to September (The upper regions remain snowcovered during the winters and the temples are closed). The Hindu Mythology says that one should visit the Char Dhams at least once in his lifetime. While religious in nature, the Chardham Tour of India is not only for the religious. It is an entirely different spiritual experience that everybody should try. All those who want to experience awakening are strongly advised to take the trip and be reborn.

Day 1 : Arrive Delhi; Day 02 : Sightseeing tour of Old & New Delhi; Day 03 : In Delhi visit the Akshardham Temple, Lotus Temple of Bahai Faith and Iskon Temple; Day 04 : Drive to Rishikesh visiting Hardwar enroute; Day 05 : In Rishikesh - Visit the Ashrams, Ghats and attend the Aarti in the evening; Day 06 : Drive to Barkot for approx 7 Hrs; Day 07 : Drive for 36 Km and then trek for about 10 Km to reach the revered temple of Yamunoti, back to Barkot for stay; Day 08 : Drive to Uttarkashi for about 4 Hrs; Day 09: Day excursion to visit the holy temple of Gangotri (approx 3 Hrs – one way); Day 10 : Drive to Rudraprayag for about 7 Hrs; Day 11 : Drive for about 75 Km and start a trek of approx 14 Km to reach the temple of Kedarnath; Day 12 : Trek down and then drive to Rudraprayag for about 75 Km; Day 13 : Drive to Badrinath for about 6 Hrs, attend Aarti in the temple in the evening; Day 14: Drive to Srinagar for about 4-5 Hrs; Day 15 : Drive to Rishikesh for about 4 Hrs; Day 16 : Drive to Delhi; Day 17 : Leave Delhi